Boy 6 Years “ride” Moge Harley Davidson

A week ago , the video uploaded to your account Youtubemendadak Jacob Hughes became an instant hit on the internet today . Because the recording lasted 1 minute 10 seconds it shows his son , Ryan , a six -year -old boy , took control moge Harley Davidson ( HD ) while driving on the road near Denver , United States .

In the video , Hughes and ” Hughes Jr. ” use the same helmet . First of all , they both seemed to enjoy driving fast on the street is vacant , then give gestures to Ryan Hughes who sits in the tank to loosen the hand while holding the handlebars .
For a moment , Ryan looks twisting hendel gas without hesitation . The entire footage taken from a camera to be placed in the helmet Hughes .

Responses people came from many directions. Some say that it is stupid because it is considered dangerous and indifferent to the safety of driving . Still others regard this event something cool . Of this experience will always be remembered Ryan , who did not rule after growing up will follow in the footsteps of his father .

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Hughes responded . On Facebook , he said, ” My son learning to drive at the age of four years , starting from the CRC to PW50 motocross race when five years . We never felt playing video games when he was growing larger . Only the motorcycle . “


No Stock Clearance Issues Will Make Flying Garuda Shares

JAKARTA - PT Trans Airways , lines of business CT Corp., rumored to buy back shares in PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk ( GGIA ) . Thus the portion of the ownership of its shares jumped 16 percent to 28.14 percent .

According to the Head of Trust Securities analyst , Reza Priyambada , the market has yet to respond to the issue of the purchase of these shares . Therefore, the movement of Garuda shares will not be affected significantly.

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" Because the market participants have not responded . Even if there is no movement , the movement will be in the range of slim , " said he to Okezone , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

"If the public is meant to enlarge the composition thereof CT , but If you take away from government ownership , this transfer to the government . If you took away from public ownership of the shares will not be the difference , " he said.

Just information , operators Chairul Tanjung official has 10.28 percent stake in Garuda approximately 2.47 billion, equivalent to Rp1 , 53 trillion . CT buy Garuda shares valued at Rp620 per sheet . Rahmat Gobel CT aside , Sandiaga Uno , and Bakrie .


Internal PPP value Rapimnas Today’s Illegal

National Leadership Meeting of the United Development Party ( PPP ) which will be held today , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) , judged illegal . Because it does not rapimnas implementation procedures according to the rules applicable in internal PPP .

" It is not legal because the procedure is wrong , " said Chairman of the PPP Epyardi Asda , as found in Cikini , Jakarta , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

Epyardi explained , rapimnas party should be held by the approval of the entire leadership . But that happens , he said , the decision was only taken rapimnas held by a handful of officials who actually had been fired by Chairman PPP Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) .

According to him , the decision taken by the SDA to support the presidential candidate of the Gerindra , Prabowo , was very precise . He believes Prabowo is a figure who can unite the right and resolve the myriad of problems in Indonesia.

As reported , the PPP will hold rapimnas on Saturday ( 19/4/2014 ) at the office of PPP , Menteng , Jakarta . The decision to rapimnas was taken in a meeting held daily management ranks of the PPP on Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) evening to Saturday morning, without the presence of the SDA .

PPP General Secretary said rapimnas Romahurmuziy accelerated because of political conditions in the internal dynamics of the party . He hopes rapimnas present in the SDA . Romahurmuziy declined to say rapimnas aim of overthrowing the SDA party chairman seat . He even said that the PPP still remains solid and not split into two camps .

Chaotic in PPP unilaterally began when Suryadharma Gerindra attend the grand campaign in the Bung Karno Main Stadium , in the 2014 legislative election campaign some time ago . Action Suryadharma Ali who came and supported the nomination as a presidential candidate Prabowo violate Mukernas PPP results .

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Mukernas decide the political will to establish communication with the existing eight presidential candidate . In the list of eight names , no names Prabowo . Suryadharma overthrow discourse had emerged by the DPP and the number of elite branch of the PPP . However Suryadharma stick with his decision and even on Friday evening declared Gerindra in coalition with the PPP attended by Prabowo .


So the fact Coalition Fat Load Jokowi Manage Cabinet

PDI-P candidate wishes Joko Widodo mobilize coalitions to confront presidential assessed lean right . Coalition fat is believed to actually be troublesome Jokowi manage cabinet .

" I think the party is not much better . Because it’s useless if the lot behind the day will be the burden of managing Jokowi in the cabinet , " said PDI-P is also functionaries of the National Volunteer Coordinator Jokowi - Indonesian President Terrific ( JP - IH ) , Budi Mulyawan in his statement , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

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If elected , Budi believe Jokowi and his partner will be able to establish good communication with the parliament . Jokowi experience as Governor of Jakarta had a major influence for Jokowi face obstacles in parliament .

" In our City Council ( PDIP ) outvoted . Fact Jokowi never diinterpelasi . , But the effort was not the way . Due Jokowi - Ahok can support the people of Jakarta . So coalition with people is what we prioritize , " he explained .

However PDIP realize different challenges as president of the provincial -level leaders . Therefore PDIP hope Jokowi get the right running mate pairs .

" PDIP and Jokowi very careful in choosing a running mate . Because in addition to increasing the electability , can also make a secure Jokowi of political intrigues , " he said .


Heart Bleed More lurid than Imagined

Heartbleed terror not only against public websites are vulnerable . This bug actually have a greater impact than that .

According to Symantec , Heartbleed same impact to the client software in between the web client , email client , chat client , FTP client , mobile apps , VPN client and software updates .

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In short , every client that communicates via SSL / TLS using vulnerable versions of OpenSSL is open to attack .

In addition , Heartbleed affect various server other than the web server . This includes proxies , media servers , game servers , database servers , chat servers and FTP servers .

" In the end , a hardware device is not immune to vulnerabilities . This can affect routers , PBX , and the possibility of multiple devices connected to the Internet ( Internet of Things ) , " said Symantec , in a statement received detikINET , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

Attacking the server software and hardware vulnerabilities through Heartbleed done in the same way as the attacks on vulnerable sites . However, attacks against client can happen in reverse way .

Usually , added Symantec , exploitation has been described as an attack Heartbleed clients by sending malicious messages to a vulnerable server and the server exposing personal data .

But the reverse is also true . A vulnerable client can connect to the server , and the server itself can send a message Heartbleed harmful to the client . The client will then respond with additional data found in memory , potentially exposing credentials and other personal data .

Fortunately , when the client is vulnerable , it may be difficult to exploit them in real situations . The two main attack vectors ordered the client to visit the server SSL / TLS connections are dangerous or plowing through a weakness that has nothing to do . Both provide an additional complication to the attacker .

Directing Client to Server Dangerous

According to Symantec , the simplest example of how a client may be exploited as a web browser is vulnerable . Just need to convince the victim to visit the malicious URL that the server an attacker can gain access to the memory of the client web browser . This gives risk to the content as in the previous session cookies , websites visited , form data and authentication credentials .

" Most of the popular web browser does not use OpenSSL , but libraries NSS ( Network Security Services ) , which is not susceptible to Heartbleed . Yet many web client using the OpenSSL command line ( eg wget and curl ) , " Symantec said .

Attacker needs to trick users into visiting a malicious website may be able to reduce some risk , but it does not have to .

" Imagine an online language translation service where you provide an automated service with the URL to the page in French and the service will translate the content into English , " he added .

Behind the scenes , this service takes the contents of the French-language pages using the back-end clients themselves.

" If you give a malicious server URL , the client ‘s back-end can be exploited and the attacker can retrieve important information such as code or credentials of the translation service , " Symantec said.

plowing Connection

According to Symantec, the malicious redirect the client to the server as described above requires that the client is directed to visit a random server . However, many clients can only call presets , hardcoded domains .

In this case , the client can still be exploited . In the shared network open like a public WiFi network , traffic can be seen and modified by others , which allows the attacker to redirect the client vulnerable .

Typically , SSL / TLS ( eg HTTPS , encrypted web browsing ) is one solution to this problem , because encryption prevents interception and redirection . However, one can send a dangerous message Heartbleed before the session SSL / TLS is fully formed


There is no UN Jokowi Problem in Papua

National exam ( UN ) Indonesian and English which also includes the name of the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) , Joko Widodo not found in Papua .

UN Secretary Organizing Committee explained Sutrimo Jayapura , about which many people protested it was only circulated in the western region of Indonesia . As for the eastern Indonesian region of Papua in particular , about the different UN .

" The system has been repaired to the UN , " he said , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

On Monday and Wednesday , found a biography includes quotes about UN Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo . Problem pitched Jokowi name of the promotion controversy because of time adjacent to the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014 will be held July.

He added that the national examination system in Papua was made different from one another , and about the UN was already integrated with the names and numbers of UN participants . Thus, students are not interchangeable between cheating , because the answer is definitely different .

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Only , there was some damage Sutrismo revealed that some matter found in the National Examination ( UN ) for Mathematics and Chemistry . The findings in Jayapura , Papua .


Islamic organizations and political parties Presidential Election Will Talk

Muslim community leaders of 17 organizations agreed to invite the leaders of the Islamic -based political party in a meeting discussing the 2014 Presidential election , especially the presidential candidates and vice president are judged worthy of support.

The agreement was the result of leaders of Islamic organizations meeting held at the office of Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) . Present at the meeting were Chairman KH Said Aqil Siroj NU , Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Shams , User Opinions pesantren Zein B Smith , Haris Nazar of Muslim Unity ( PUI ) , Chairman of Syarikat Islam Djauhari PP , PP Chairman Al Ershad Al Islamiyah KH Abdullah Jaidi , Baharudin Husni of the Association of Indonesian Preachers ( IKADI ) , Wahyudi Patra from Tioghoa Indonesian Islamic Union ( PITI ) , Zulkifli Al Ittihadiyah , and a number of other figures .

Secretary of the Institute of Islamic Organizations Friendship ( lpoi ) A Tamimi said Lutfi meeting to realize that the Islamic organizations and political parties formed a team headed by Said Aqil and Din Shamsuddin . ” We will convey the aspirations of Muslims . Soon we’re in a meeting , ” said Lutfi .

Meanwhile Din Shamsuddin said the vote should be grateful for Islamic -based political party , especially before the Islamic -based political party is predicted to be much worse . ” This means that God still loves us , and this we should be together, ” he said .

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Din added , as an act of gratitude , Islamic organizations should unite together to fight for the interests of the people . Public Housing Minister Djan Faridz who attended the meeting in his capacity as Chairman of NU one asked Islamic organizations to come together to pray for the PPP , the party ruled the place , so as not to split .


Leaving Vietnam Textile Industry skyrocketed Indonesia

The textile industry began to develop a new Vietnam in 2000 is now overtaking Indonesia’s growing textile industry since 1980 .
" Of the total value of world textile trade that nearly 711 billion U.S. dollars , Indonesia is now only able to master the 1.8 percent market share , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association , Ade Sudrajat Usman , in Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

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In comparison , Vietnam has been able to master a 3.3 percent share of the world textile market . In 2000 , Vietnam ‘s textile exports to the U.S. are in a position to - 82 , while Indonesia ranked 6th .

Currently , said Ade , Indonesian textile exports to the U.S. are still in sixth , while Vietnam has soared in the third.
Improvement of Indonesian garment exports amounted to 2.8 percent is not significant compared to the achievement of Vietnam .

" Vietnam , Malaysia , and Brunei have entered the Trans - Pacific Partnership ( TPP ) as a locomotive which is the U.S. , " said Ade .
The purpose of the major textile markets primarily to the U.S. still . Thus , Vietnam is entering TPP tariff privileges secured entry to the U.S. .
Indonesia because it does not enter the TPP have to pay import duty of 12 percent - 31 percent depending on the product . TPP countries included deduct 5 percent - 12 percent .

" Of course there can not be a product of our competitiveness in the U.S. , " said Ade .
Vietnam also has begun negotiations with the European Union , while Indonesia had not done so . ” We continue to step up diplomacy with Vietnam , ” said Ade .

According to him , this is because of trade with the U.S. and the European Union more than the complementary nature of competition between one and the other .
"If free trade with China is more competition for the same product . As a result , Indonesian Chinese products flooded more than vice versa , " said Ade .
Subfields Head and Other Garment Industry , Textile and Miscellaneous Industries Directorate , Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry ) , Elis Masitoh said , in general TPP is very necessary for the textile industry and textile products ( TPT ) Indonesia .
" The U.S. is the main market for the product so that the Indonesian textile industry is the TPP is expected , " said Ellis.

However , Elis said that the entrance to related TPP negotiations in the Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade ) . Ministry of Industry as technical ministries wait Kemendag negotiate about TPP .
" As soon as the entrance opened , our technical ministry will prepare materials for negotiations . However , it all depends on the entrance, the Ministry of Trade , " said Ellis.


Lenovo ready to release Octa-core Smartphone Cheap Price

Lenovo apparently will soon launch a new smartphone called the Golden Warrior S8 . Leaked these devices appear on the site Italian technology , WebTrek .

Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 offers luxurious design with gold color cast . In the leak , this smartphone will come with a display measuring 5.3 inches ( 1280 x 720p ) coated with protective Gorilla Glass 3 .

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Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 will be equipped with MediaTek MTK6592 processor octa - core 1.4 GHz combined with 2GB of RAM . There is also support for microSD card slot , 3G connectivity , 13 -megapixel rear camera , a five megapixel front camera , and a 2000mAh battery .

However, this smartphone is running on Android called Jelly Bean 4.2.2 , not Android 4.4 KitKat .

Despite its charming design and attractive enough support specifications , Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is not sold at expensive prices . Reportedly , Lenovo will membanderolnya at a price of U.S. $ 130 or about Rp1 , 5 million .

Currently there is no information about the release schedule . Leaked Lenovo was just reported that Golden Warrior S8 will debut in China in the near future .


MH370 crisis, the Chinese Panda Cancel Send to Malaysia

Crisis on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 loss also affects the country’s bilateral relations with China . This was evidenced by the cancellation of the loan of two pandas to Malaysia .

Quoted from page Malaysian Insider , Friday, April 11, 2014 , should the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of China make a ceremony for the release of two pandas named Feng Yi and Fu Wa . However , suddenly the ceremony was postponed . Not known until when the delay is being conducted .

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"The show has been postponed due to unavoidable reasons . A new date will be communicated back later , " the Ministry said in a statement without mentioning the real reason for the delay .

According to the pages of The Star , sending two pandas ceremony was supposed to be done at the Centers for Disease Control in Dujiangyan Chengu . Both plans have been removed from the panda enclosure Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya’an towards Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province , in February.

News Page corporated call delivery delay panda reason that, because the anger of the Tiongok against their government . Until now, the fate and whereabouts of 153 Chinese citizens on the plane is still unknown .

" And now , they even give pandas to Malaysia . To what China do such a thing ? " corporated News writes .

Over the decades , Beijing has a general policy to lend a pair of giant pandas to a country that is considered a partner and closest ally . This is to usually to mark significant events .

In the case of Malaysia , the panda loan celebrations to mark 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2014. Though the two countries have spent millions of dollars to set up their stalls .

By showing that pandas do not just want to strengthen international relations , but also want to show the world’s great creatures .

However , since Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft was lost and Putrajaya fails to give a satisfactory answer to the families of passengers , making China’s furious . The social media users in China also stated that the Government of Malaysia are not eligible to receive the pandas .

Some even up to appeal to the central government in Beijing that does not allow for the giant pandas go missing .