Islamic organizations and political parties Presidential Election Will Talk

Muslim community leaders of 17 organizations agreed to invite the leaders of the Islamic -based political party in a meeting discussing the 2014 Presidential election , especially the presidential candidates and vice president are judged worthy of support.

The agreement was the result of leaders of Islamic organizations meeting held at the office of Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) . Present at the meeting were Chairman KH Said Aqil Siroj NU , Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Shams , User Opinions pesantren Zein B Smith , Haris Nazar of Muslim Unity ( PUI ) , Chairman of Syarikat Islam Djauhari PP , PP Chairman Al Ershad Al Islamiyah KH Abdullah Jaidi , Baharudin Husni of the Association of Indonesian Preachers ( IKADI ) , Wahyudi Patra from Tioghoa Indonesian Islamic Union ( PITI ) , Zulkifli Al Ittihadiyah , and a number of other figures .

Secretary of the Institute of Islamic Organizations Friendship ( lpoi ) A Tamimi said Lutfi meeting to realize that the Islamic organizations and political parties formed a team headed by Said Aqil and Din Shamsuddin . ” We will convey the aspirations of Muslims . Soon we’re in a meeting , ” said Lutfi .

Meanwhile Din Shamsuddin said the vote should be grateful for Islamic -based political party , especially before the Islamic -based political party is predicted to be much worse . ” This means that God still loves us , and this we should be together, ” he said .

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Din added , as an act of gratitude , Islamic organizations should unite together to fight for the interests of the people . Public Housing Minister Djan Faridz who attended the meeting in his capacity as Chairman of NU one asked Islamic organizations to come together to pray for the PPP , the party ruled the place , so as not to split .


Leaving Vietnam Textile Industry skyrocketed Indonesia

The textile industry began to develop a new Vietnam in 2000 is now overtaking Indonesia’s growing textile industry since 1980 .
" Of the total value of world textile trade that nearly 711 billion U.S. dollars , Indonesia is now only able to master the 1.8 percent market share , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association , Ade Sudrajat Usman , in Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

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In comparison , Vietnam has been able to master a 3.3 percent share of the world textile market . In 2000 , Vietnam ‘s textile exports to the U.S. are in a position to - 82 , while Indonesia ranked 6th .

Currently , said Ade , Indonesian textile exports to the U.S. are still in sixth , while Vietnam has soared in the third.
Improvement of Indonesian garment exports amounted to 2.8 percent is not significant compared to the achievement of Vietnam .

" Vietnam , Malaysia , and Brunei have entered the Trans - Pacific Partnership ( TPP ) as a locomotive which is the U.S. , " said Ade .
The purpose of the major textile markets primarily to the U.S. still . Thus , Vietnam is entering TPP tariff privileges secured entry to the U.S. .
Indonesia because it does not enter the TPP have to pay import duty of 12 percent - 31 percent depending on the product . TPP countries included deduct 5 percent - 12 percent .

" Of course there can not be a product of our competitiveness in the U.S. , " said Ade .
Vietnam also has begun negotiations with the European Union , while Indonesia had not done so . ” We continue to step up diplomacy with Vietnam , ” said Ade .

According to him , this is because of trade with the U.S. and the European Union more than the complementary nature of competition between one and the other .
"If free trade with China is more competition for the same product . As a result , Indonesian Chinese products flooded more than vice versa , " said Ade .
Subfields Head and Other Garment Industry , Textile and Miscellaneous Industries Directorate , Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry ) , Elis Masitoh said , in general TPP is very necessary for the textile industry and textile products ( TPT ) Indonesia .
" The U.S. is the main market for the product so that the Indonesian textile industry is the TPP is expected , " said Ellis.

However , Elis said that the entrance to related TPP negotiations in the Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade ) . Ministry of Industry as technical ministries wait Kemendag negotiate about TPP .
" As soon as the entrance opened , our technical ministry will prepare materials for negotiations . However , it all depends on the entrance, the Ministry of Trade , " said Ellis.


Lenovo ready to release Octa-core Smartphone Cheap Price

Lenovo apparently will soon launch a new smartphone called the Golden Warrior S8 . Leaked these devices appear on the site Italian technology , WebTrek .

Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 offers luxurious design with gold color cast . In the leak , this smartphone will come with a display measuring 5.3 inches ( 1280 x 720p ) coated with protective Gorilla Glass 3 .

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Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 will be equipped with MediaTek MTK6592 processor octa - core 1.4 GHz combined with 2GB of RAM . There is also support for microSD card slot , 3G connectivity , 13 -megapixel rear camera , a five megapixel front camera , and a 2000mAh battery .

However, this smartphone is running on Android called Jelly Bean 4.2.2 , not Android 4.4 KitKat .

Despite its charming design and attractive enough support specifications , Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is not sold at expensive prices . Reportedly , Lenovo will membanderolnya at a price of U.S. $ 130 or about Rp1 , 5 million .

Currently there is no information about the release schedule . Leaked Lenovo was just reported that Golden Warrior S8 will debut in China in the near future .


MH370 crisis, the Chinese Panda Cancel Send to Malaysia

Crisis on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 loss also affects the country’s bilateral relations with China . This was evidenced by the cancellation of the loan of two pandas to Malaysia .

Quoted from page Malaysian Insider , Friday, April 11, 2014 , should the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of China make a ceremony for the release of two pandas named Feng Yi and Fu Wa . However , suddenly the ceremony was postponed . Not known until when the delay is being conducted .

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"The show has been postponed due to unavoidable reasons . A new date will be communicated back later , " the Ministry said in a statement without mentioning the real reason for the delay .

According to the pages of The Star , sending two pandas ceremony was supposed to be done at the Centers for Disease Control in Dujiangyan Chengu . Both plans have been removed from the panda enclosure Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya’an towards Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province , in February.

News Page corporated call delivery delay panda reason that, because the anger of the Tiongok against their government . Until now, the fate and whereabouts of 153 Chinese citizens on the plane is still unknown .

" And now , they even give pandas to Malaysia . To what China do such a thing ? " corporated News writes .

Over the decades , Beijing has a general policy to lend a pair of giant pandas to a country that is considered a partner and closest ally . This is to usually to mark significant events .

In the case of Malaysia , the panda loan celebrations to mark 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2014. Though the two countries have spent millions of dollars to set up their stalls .

By showing that pandas do not just want to strengthen international relations , but also want to show the world’s great creatures .

However , since Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft was lost and Putrajaya fails to give a satisfactory answer to the families of passengers , making China’s furious . The social media users in China also stated that the Government of Malaysia are not eligible to receive the pandas .

Some even up to appeal to the central government in Beijing that does not allow for the giant pandas go missing .

Assistant Vice President Jokowi Who?

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) move quickly after the vote count legislative elections are known through quickly or exit polls on 9 April 2014 ago . Determining the coalition parties at once selects candidates for vice president are two things that targeted ’ black bull ’ .

Chairman of the PDI - P of Megawati Sukarnoputri speak with his party’s presidential candidate , Joko Widodo in residence at the Mega Kebagusan , South Jakarta , on Friday evening . After the meeting , Jokowi gives a little glimpse that there are five candidates running mate who held to his side .

" It boils down to five . Name - name appears depanlah week , " said Jokowi outside the official residence of the fence governorates of Jakarta , Jalan Taman Soerapatti 7 , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) ahead of midnight .

Jokowi silent when asked further whether it is a figure of five vice commonly circulating in the media or not , younger than her age or older , come from the military , or political economists , and so on . However , between the lines, he said that the vice figure comes from a political party .

" It means that have entered the running mate , so should not you have entered into the party , " said Jokowi .

Importantly , further Jokowi , he was with the vice president must co-exist . Just like leadership in Jakarta with Tjahaja Basuki Purnama . There are take care of in the office alone , there are monitors and blusukan in his field . There is a chemistry that appear in public when two figures appeared .

Not just a matter of division of labor , Jokowi said that differences in background himself with the vice is also important . According to him , different backgrounds can complement each other and complement each other on the way it works .

" Different combinations that would be good . Was going to be complementary strengths , which complement each other , " said Jokowi .

Nasdem , PKB and PAN

While the matter of assessment of the coalition , the National Democratic ( Nasdem ) , the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) and the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , into three political parties to establish communication with the PDI - P . However, Jokowi said that it was not only done to the three political parties . PDI - P , will explore the communication to a number of other political parties .

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Jokowi said , there are also political parties in political communication the first time with the PDI - P . Because not final , Jokowi claimed not to talk about the division of power in government .

Jokowi predict the third week of April 2014 , it was announced that any political party would be to work with a coalition of political aka “Bear patiently . Next week we talked a lot , ” said Jokowi .


JCI has the potential to continue the increase is limited

According to technical analyst at Mandiri Securities , Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) is trading above the 200-day EMA . Short-term trend is still up the index . Index moves mixed with a strong tendency . Intraday volume is relatively large and the buyer still control .

Continued rally will try to test the 161.8 percent Fibo resistance at 5000-5050 levels . Today the index could continue its rally with a limited increase . The index will move in the range of support 4907 and resistance 4934 .

The sentiment that characterizes the rate of JCI on this day will be quite crowded , especially in the country after the implementation of the election ( pileg ) on April 9 yesterday .

From abroad , the U.S. stock market ( U.S. ) reversed higher, after the Fed meeting is believed to be a positive impact . Last weekend , the Dow Jones Industrial stock index rose 1.11 percent in town and the S & P 500 has appreciated 0.47 percent .

From Asian markets , indexes in several leading countries also opened higher . Asian stock market rise is indicated by the Nikkei 225 in Japan rose 1.43 percent . While the KOSPI Composite Index in South Korea opened appreciated 0.41 percent .

While the price of futures contracts ( futures ) commodities closed mixed . WTI crude oil price fell 0.22 percent to USD103 , 37 per barrel . While Comex gold prices rose 0.47 percent to USD1312 per ounce .

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From within the country , in general pileg 2014 went smoothly . On the other hand , these results pileg believed to bring positive sentiment for JCI


Selfie Habits Can Cause Psychiatric Disorders

CALIFORNIA - The American Psychiatric Association ( APA ) said the photo shoot habits selfie defined a psychiatric disorder . From this mental disorder , namely photographing selfie , can affect a serious threat . (see also: distributor pakan burung)

APA states that selfie is a mental disorder in an annual meeting held in Chicago . Mental disorders of the habit of self-portrait is called Selfitis .

Is defined as a psychiatric disorder obsessive compulsive desire to photograph themselves are then uploaded to the social network has. Menggunggah a picture of yourself , APA psychiatrists said as quoted by , Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) , is an effort for someone to add their own confidence and self-esteem .

While the APA defines mental disorders Selfitis is divided into three , namely Selfitis Fringe , Selfitis Acute and Chronic Selfitis . Selfitis Fringe is the tendency of someone taking a picture of yourself , at least three times a day , but do not upload the picture to his social networking .

Meanwhile Selfitis Acute categorized for someone who photograph themselves at least three times each day and upload the images themselves into social media .

And lastly , Chronic Selfitis is uncontrollable urge to take pictures of themselves all the time , and upload the photos to social media is more than six times a day .

According to the APA , to date there are no drugs to combat disorders such Selfitis . However, as can be done by temporary treatment of cognitive behavioral therapy .

The threat of disease has been proven Selfitis . This psychiatric disorder almost claimed lives in the UK . A teenage British man named Danny Bowman never desperate attempt suicide because not managed to get the best picture of the results selfie doing .


Capture ‘coins’ of Online Transactions

Online business in Indonesia is rising . But many of them are not yet fully conducting e - commerce . So after ordering , payment is not made ​​on the spot , but had to go to an ATM or even COD ( cash on delivery ) .

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Nothing wrong with it , it’s just a hierarchy of e - commerce has not fully come here . For users still have not completed the transaction through a computer screen .

Many things that cause these habits die hard, ranging from the safety factor and the reluctance of the users themselves . ” Ribet ah , ” or ” Worry not safe , ” the reason is often heard .

This condition is also seen by iPaymu as an opportunity to offer a solution online payment processor . Like sugar and coffee that complement each other , then a booming online business is believed to be a synergistic effect with the need for an online payment service .

Riyeke Ustadiyanto , founder and owner of iPaymu assess the business potential of e - commerce in Indonesia is still wide open .

Based on data from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications ) , e - commerce market in Indonesia in 2013 is estimated to reach Rp 130 trillion , growing nearly doubled compared to last year ‘s Rp 69 trillion .

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Meanwhile, the Indonesian research Telecom Indonesia - Go Online Outlook 2012, said revenue e-commerce transactions in Indonesia reached USD 120 million in 2010 and will increase to $ 650 million in 2015

Source:http:// detik. com/

komunikasi dan kolaborasi adalah kunci keberhasilan konservasi

Peristiwa baru-baru ini yang melibatkan ekspor mencoba beberapa pygmy sloth tiga -berujung menyebabkan hari kemarahan di Panama , dan memicu perdebatan internasional diperdebatkan . Fauna & Flora International Robin Loveridge melihat beberapa isu untuk mengambil beberapa hal positif dari kejadian tersebut …

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Peristiwa dramatis dari 9 September di Panama menyebabkan sejumlah reaksi yang berbeda antara komunitas konservasi , termasuk kejutan dan kemarahan .

Secara pribadi saya merasa frustrasi . Tapi diberi kesempatan untuk tidur di atasnya ( sebanyak sloth lakukan ) , frustrasi saya telah berubah menjadi optimisme hati-hati , seperti yang telah saya diperiksa ulang peristiwa dan respon untuk melihat apa pelajaran yang bisa diambil ke depan .

Visi yang saya miliki dari spesies yang terancam punah yang crated dan bergerak menuju sebuah jet pribadi untuk ekspor sebelum dicegat oleh para aktivis konservasi lokal sangat buruk karena dua alasan :

Pertama , konservasi , pada intinya , tentang orang-orang . Kebanyakan kepunahan saat ini disebabkan oleh aktivitas manusia , dan jadi kita harus menerima bahwa kita , oleh dan besar , adalah masalah.

Pengetahuan ini benar-benar menempatkan kami dalam posisi yang sangat kuat . Jika kita dapat memahami perilaku merusak kita, maka kita , sebagai pelaku perilaku tersebut , memiliki kekuatan untuk menyelamatkan banyak spesies yang terancam punah dari kepunahan . Tapi untuk melakukan itu kita perlu berkomunikasi satu sama lain untuk memahami orang-orang perilaku dan motivasi di belakang mereka .

Jika kita ingin menyelamatkan spesies yang indah dan terancam punah di dunia dari kepunahan , maka kita harus mengkomunikasikan bahwa visi dengan transparansi dan bersedia untuk mendengar semua sisi argumen . Perbedaan pendapat , seperti yang berkaitan dengan bagaimana cara terbaik untuk melestarikan pygmy tiga - toed sloth , yang harus diharapkan . Tapi ini hanya dapat diselesaikan jika kita memiliki diskusi terbuka . Jadi bagi saya dasar konservasi yang baik adalah komunikasi yang efektif .

Kedua , konservasi kompleks . Ini mencakup seluruh kompleksitas dan dinamika sosial dan alam dunia dan untuk setiap situasi kita menyaksikan beberapa driver dari hilangnya keanekaragaman hayati dalam tindakan . Ada banyak tantangan yang berbeda yang perlu perhatian kita , dan sangat membutuhkan untuk kolaborasi dan apa yang ’ bergabung berpikir ’ kita istilah dan koordinasi untuk merancang strategi konservasi yang bekerja sama untuk memenuhi kompleksitas ini . Itu sebabnya setiap intervensi konservasi yang bertindak dalam isolasi adalah hal yang berisiko dan dapat merusak upaya lain jika tidak terintegrasi dengan baik .

Perkiraan untuk tingkat kepunahan spesies berkisar , namun perkiraan konservatif mungkin 10.000 spesies per tahun , yang setara dengan lebih dari satu spesies hilang setiap jam . Jelas, ada banyak pekerjaan yang harus dilakukan . Seharusnya tidak ada kebutuhan untuk pertikaian , tapi kebutuhan untuk kolaborasi dalam tugas besar dan mulia ini konservasi yang kami lakukan .

Ketika ini blok bangunan dasar dari komunikasi dan kolaborasi di tempat , kami melihat keberhasilan besar . The International Gorilla Conservation Programme merupakan kolaborasi dari tiga organisasi internasional yang bekerja dengan kelompok-kelompok lokal , di tiga negara dengan usaha gabungan yang menyebabkan peningkatan dalam jumlah gorila gunung sejak program ini dimulai .

Kembali di Panama , juara konservasi pygmy tiga - toed sloth telah bekerja keras sejak peristiwa 9 September dan sekarang telah membentuk sebuah komite konservasi pygmy kemalasan . Jadi, meskipun kontroversi baru-baru ini , upaya pelestarian spesies ini sangat terancam punah terus gentar .

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Sebagai pemikiran terakhir , saya pikir itu perlu diingat bahwa kita hidup secara real -time , dengan pengetahuan yang tidak sempurna situasi apa pun . Peristiwa malang yang pasti akan terjadi dan kita harus bertemu dengan mereka sebaik mungkin , dan memiliki kewajiban untuk mempelajari apa yang kita bisa di sepanjang jalan . Jika kita mengadopsi pendekatan berpikiran terbuka ini , kita dapat berharap untuk menghadapi - dan mengatasi - tantangan yang tidak diketahui di cakrawala .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

4 Benefits of eating sweet strawberries on a regular basis

Strawberries are a type of fruit that is found in a wide variety of processed food , cakes , and drinks . It tastes sweet , sour , and fresh fruit make it have a lot of fans . (see also: pakan burung)

In addition, the strawberry was also rich in health benefits for the health of the body , especially the skin .

skin Health
Strawberry fruit extract is often used for skin care . This is because strawberries are rich exfoliant able to get rid of dead skin cells and salicylic acid are useful for tightening pores .

bone Health
The content of vitamin B complex , niacin , and manganese is an anti- oxidant which is good for maintaining bone health .

Boost the immune system
Strawberries are also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed to help you to avoid colds and other respiratory illnesses .

Preventing cancer
Parafenol is in beneficial strawberries to fight inflammatory disorders that exist in your body such as osteoarthritis , cancer , asthma , and atherosclerosis . (see also: pakan burung manyar)

In addition to the above benefits , strawberries also contain biotin . These nutrients are needed to maintain the strength and health of your hair and nails .

Source:http://www. merdeka .com/