Top Print strengthening U.S. dollar against Japanese yen

Top Print strengthening U.S. dollar against Japanese yen

United States Dollar ( U.S. ) hit a one-month high against the Japanese yen , before the release of the jobs report this week , which may prompt the Federal Reserve to cut stimulus .

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Euro holds gains as traders speculated that the recent weakness has been factored into the outlook for European Central Bank President Mario Draghi , who will announce easing measures at its policy meeting tomorrow .

" If the U.S. economic data remains strong , we will continue to see a rise in bond yields , supporting the strengthening of the U.S. dollar against the yen , " said currency strategist at Nomura International Plc , Yujiro Goto , as quoted by Bloomberg , on Wednesday ( 06/04/2014 ) .

" It would be difficult for the euro to weaken further Draghi on Thursday’s meeting , because a lot of additional easing stimulus sentiment has begun to enter , " he added .

He was the U.S. was little changed at USD102 , 54 per Japanese yen , the U.S. dollar traded at USD1 , 3620 per euro , following a decline of 0.2 per cent to $ 1, 3628 per euro . While the euro against the yen closed at 139.65 per euro from 139.69 per euro .

Companies in the U.S. probably will add 210,000 workers in May , following a 220,000 rise in the previous month . The U.S. dollar yesterday had weakened against the euro and gained against the Japanese yen after U.S. factory orders rose in April , more than economists forecast .

The U.S. dollar has gained 1.2 percent last month , according to Bloomberg Correlation -Weighted Indexes , which tracks 10 emerging market currencies . The yen gained 0.8 percent , while the euro was down 0.9 percent .


Jokowi: Slank is Mental Revolution Sample

After a one hour meeting with five personnel Slank , Joko Widodo presidential candidate praised the music group as an example of mental revolution in Indonesia . Jokowi assess Slank grow as top bands due to ongoing creativity .

" Slank This is an example of a mental revolution . Younger kids like they used to be an example of this , " said Gang Jokowi in pencil , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) afternoon .

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Mental revolution is an idea which is conveyed Jokowi and become subject matter of vision and mission become a candidate. Jokowi admitted that he got the idea of five personnel recommendations Slank , which is about Love Revolution . ” Love the people , the country , and the nature of Indonesia , ” he said .

In addition Jokowi also revealed that there are seven ideas given by Slank to build Indonesia, including all legal matters and be tried for human rights in Indonesia , finish all disputes customs and culture , as well as to completely eradicate terrorism . ” That’s all I mentioned before ya do not have to all . Which conceptualized by the relevant Slank really the same problems we face today , ” said Jokowi .


Investors Waiting, Weakening Dollar Hammered

The rupiah re- tested its strength into the last week in May , on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . Disappearance of the political sentiments of the domestic and foreign economies bring dollars to the downward trend since the beginning of last week .

Rupiah at Rp 11,600 and the 10 -year yield is above 8 percent at the end of last week . Rupiah fell 0.73 percent until Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) afternoon , one of the deepest in Asia .

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According to research Samuel Securities Indonesia , the loss of the positive sentiment from the political side as well as the strengthening of the U.S. dollar in the global market continues to push the weakening rupiah .

Today weakening rupiah space remaining , although only thin . Inflation and trade balance coming Monday ( 02/06/2014 ) front .

Of external , U.S. new home sales data was good and German business sentiment index is back down keeping the optimism of a stronger dollar in global markets . The yen also weakened approaching 102 until last weekend . Tonight the data awaited U.S. durable goods orders are expected to slow .


Fall from floor 33 Apartment Thamrin Residence, PRT Killed

A woman was killed by falling from the 33 floor at Thamrin Residence Apartment , Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) . The victim is identified as Dewi Susanti ( 26 ) This is a domestic worker is located at No. 1 Jalan E RT 11 RW 07 Sub-District Slipi , Palmerah , West Jakarta .

" The victim suffered serious injuries on the head . Too broken leg victim , " said Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Tanah Abang Anom Setyadi , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) afternoon .

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Alexander Doni , a security guard who witnessed the incident , said he first discovered the victim ‘s body lying near the tennis courts on the 5th floor apartment . She then reported the incident to the police .

After examination , the police know the victim fell from the 33rd floor of Tower D unit 33 DH Abdul Rochman , a parking attendant at the apartment , confirmed the information about the incident on Friday morning .

Until now , police are still investigating more about the cause . The crime scene has been fitted with a line of police .


Majority of Voters Not Know When Presidential Election

Two months ahead of the presidential election ( presidential ) coming July 9, 2014 , the majority of voters do not know when the day of the ballot was held . It was known by a survey conducted Founding Father House ( FFH ) .

Senior researcher Dian Permata FFH say , of 1,090 people surveyed , as many as 91 percent of respondents claimed to know there is a presidential election this year . However , as many as 851 people among the 91 percent that do not know the date of the vote .

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" Of the 91 percent who knew there was election in 2014 , 85.77 percent do not know exactly what date the voting day , " said Dian in discussions with the media in Lembang , West Java , on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

He said , only 2.2 percent of respondents were able to answer correctly questions the day of the election ballot . While 1.83 percent of respondents knew that the presidential election held on June 9, 2024 .

" 10.9 percent mentioned another date , " said Dian .

Because of this , he reminded the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to more aggressively solisasi election .

The survey was conducted on April 11 until May 14, 2014 . Levels error ( margin of error ) of 2.97 studies with 95 percent confidence level .


First Session, CSPI sprawl in the Red Zone

Joint Stock Price Index (CSPI) is still rotting in the red zone in early trade on Tuesday (5/20/2014) morning. CSPI even slipping below 5000 levels.

Until around 9:10 o’clock pm, the index weakened 27.74 points or 0.55 percent to 4987.26. CSPI previous open position weakened to 5009.62.

Recorded 77 stocks rose, 69 stocks fell, and 68 stocks did not move. As the transaction value reached Rp 486.779 billion.

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Shares into the index weight in the beginning of this session, among others, Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TLKM) fell 4.07 percent, Astra Agro Lestari (aal) terkoreksi 2.23 percent, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BBRI) weakened 2.51 percent, and Bank Central Asia (BBCA) declined 1.32 percent.

While stocks last in red zone, between, Vale Indonesia (INCO) rose 2.2 percent, Tin (TINs) strengthened 1.72 percent, Adaro Energy (ADRO) rose 1.57 percent, and Miscellaneous Fare (ANTM) rose 1.25 percent.


Jokowi missed Reveals Women Volunteers Supporters

When the woman came to the office of National Secretary Supporting Jokowi presidential candidate Joko Widodo reveal the reason of his arrival. He claimed to miss.

"I came here the first miss," said Jokowi jokingly, at the office of Secretariat Support Jokowi, Jalan Brawijaya, South Jakarta, Saturday (05/17/2014) afternoon.

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Speech Jokowi it invites laughter are present.

On the second point, convey a more serious Jokowi related kedatangnnya meet some of the volunteers. According to the man who is still serving the Jakarta governor, he intends to consolidate related to the 2014 presidential election will take place on July 9.

"That would like a bit of consolidation with the entire board of National Secretary," said Jokowi.

According to him, such consolidation is important that the entire board, volunteers, both central and local levels, can move with the same guide.

"And produce a result until July to come," said Jokowi.


The boy “Playgroup” Sexual Crime Victim Suspected in School

A mother came to Women and Child Unit Metro Jaya Regional Police to report suspected sexual violence against children that occurred at a playgroup in Sunter, North Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

According to the woman ‘s berinsial B , first, L (3,5 ) complained pain in the anus . The boy did not even have to impose press.

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" Later my son would enggak school . Continues child I hold her ass, she said ’ Ma sick ,’ then I ask you why ? " B story in Metro Jaya Regional Police , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

B said, the L finally tell that an extracurricular teacher was hurt . The teacher was a woman. ” My son said , ‘Miss Ma o’clock , Miss o’clock , ” said B.

However , L does not say since when violence was experienced. The boy was admitted only to experience again and again .

"I have visa to RSCM and indeed evidence . Some blunt object included my son , and that was done in class , " said B.

B admitted that he had complained to the school to report her son . However, the school objected and said that the teacher may not be a perpetrator of violence.

Therefore, B decides to report the incident to Metro Jaya Regional Police . ” I came here , I ask whether my son justice . My son age 3.5 years, schools in unlicensed school , but my son is treated like this, ” he explained .


In Education Day, Jokowi Admits Many Still Lack KJP

On the Day of National Education , Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) program recognizes Jakarta Smart Card ( KJP ) which ditelah applied in Capital still has some disadvantages though the program has actually been running since late 2012 .

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According to Jokowi , shortages are still encountered in the KJP targeted distribution and a reduction of funds KJP .

" Although not all like that , but it needs to be fixed . Thing like this is a matter for our correction , " said the presidential candidate who carried the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Friday ( 2/5 ) .

Jokowi assess , in general KJP program , which shaped the Capital City Bank ATM card , already well underway . Therefore , students not only have access to free education . But , all the equipment needs of the school, were met by the government .

Total receiver KJP in 2014 there was 619 thousand students . Each month , students will receive the balance of the amount is in accordance with their education . These funds may only be used for school purposes , such as buying uniforms, shoes , bags , stationery and transport allowance for the day-to- day to school .


143 junior high school students in North Jakarta Want to Learn in Schools Alone

Hundreds of students of Junior High School ( SMP ) 143 North Jakarta complained about their school building is not finished . They claim to feel uncomfortable about having to ride in the Junior 53 Kalibaru during their school construction projects have not been completed .

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Dian ( 13 ) , a class VIII student , said he wanted to feel the new school building because the original purpose he chose SMP 143 is so close to his home . In addition, the school hours in the day cause drowsiness often when receiving lessons .

" Yes sometimes sleepy afternoon when the entry , but how else would , so the science demands liabilities lived happily , " Dian said with a laugh , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

Dian admitted to feeling a little uncomfortable with the status of junior high school who boarded at 53 . ” Less is free only possible , because it is not the building itself , but children 53 fine anyway, ” he said .

It is also disclosed Nuari Alvarez ( 13 ) , student of class VII . He also complained about the location of the school is too far away from his home . In fact , the beginning of the school he chose was as close to his home .

" I chose 143 because it is close to the SMP . Still hope soon I can move , let baseball should be willing to walk away every school , " he said .

Despite having to walk about 1.5 miles , Alvarez admitted keep the spirit of the school . The social studies enthusiasts aspire to become a diplomat and can walk around the world .

Principal SMP 143 Priyanto said , since riding in North Jakarta SMP 53 , SMP 143 hours of study students from class VII to IX class starts at 12:15 until 17:30 . All students entering in the daytime because they have to take turns with 53 junior high school students who entered in the morning .

" There is really no different , although it still ride this government building , cuman yes indeed there is a bit of a psychological , just an example of that ride in your own home is definitely not it be nice to stay at home alone though ugly . But Alhamdulillah we are comfortable here , party of SMP 53 is very welcome , " he said .

He hopes the school building completed quickly so that the students can re- learning conducive .